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Join Ulysses

We wish to inform local Ulyssians that the Wangaratta Branch is formally closed as of July 16th meeting.
Sunday School with Impromptu rides will continue each Sunday from Hollywood's Café in the main road Wangaratta.
All are welcome to join in either on the day or on your way through town for travellers.
With the Albury Wodonga AGM coming up in 2015 we are looking forward to joining in and assisting in the running of that event.
There are several other  Branches nearby  that we can participate with; Albury Wodonga, Alpine, Shepparton and Echuca.
Contact details are on the back of our Riding On magazine.
If you have any inquiries call/txt Daff 0431261155

Thankyou to those individuals for all their support and participation for the duration of the Wangaratta Branch and
maybe when we are not so busy enjoying our life we could start up the Branch again sometime in the future.

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